WordPress Code Generator

wp-skills is a fast code generation tool for WordPress snippets.

We handle the
WordPress code standards.

Just focus on your own theme design or plugin logic.

You have control

You will no longer deal with again and over again for your snippets.

Save or edit your snippets. They will be in the same place when you come back.

21 Code Generators

You can use 21 different code generators to produce the codes you need.

So far we have prepared 21 different code generators. We continue to prepare...


Take advantage of the premium advantages.

You can use the application without advertising. You can do unlimited number of registration and access all code generators.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • How can I use the generated code snippets in my WordPress project?

      Copy the generated code and paste it into the corresponding section of your theme or plugin files. Make sure to review and customize the code according to your specific needs.

    • Is there a limit to the number of snippets I can generate and save using the tool?

      No, there's no limit. You can generate and save as many code snippets as you need for your WordPress development projects.

    • Can I contribute new code snippet types to be added to the generator?

      Currently, we don't have a feature for user-contributed snippet types, but we appreciate feedback. Contact our support if you have suggestions for new features.

    • Are the generated snippets compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

      Yes, the snippets are designed to be compatible with the latest WordPress version. However, always check for updates and test in a staging environment before applying to a production site.

    • How do I report a bug or issue with the code generator tool?

      Please open bug report modal on the generator page and submit a detailed description of the issue. Include any error messages, browser information, or steps to reproduce the problem.

    • Is the tool compatible with both themes and plugins?

      Absolutely. The generated snippets can be used in both theme and plugin development. Just ensure you place them in the appropriate files and functions.

    • Are there any plans to add more customization options to the generated snippets?

      Yes, we are continually improving the tool. Stay tuned for updates that may include additional customization options for the generated code.

    • How do I get notified about tool updates and new features?

      Go to our changelog page on the website to receive updates on new features, improvements, and other announcements.

    • Can I request a feature to be added to the code generator tool?

      Absolutely! We value user feedback. Visit our contact page and share your ideas for new functionalities.

    • Can I use the tool for commercial projects?

      Yes, the tool is free for both personal and commercial use. Feel free to incorporate the generated snippets into your commercial WordPress projects.

    • How often are new snippet types added to the code generator?

      We aim to regularly update the tool with new snippet types based on user feedback and industry trends. Check our release notes for the latest additions.

    • Is there a premium version of the tool with additional features?

      Currently, the tool is entirely free to use. We may introduce premium features in the future, and any such updates will be communicated through our website and newsletter.